Short Kurti For Women

A short kurti for women perfectly combines style, comfort, and flexibility. These trendy and stylish clothes have become a must-have for any woman who cares about fashion. If you want to look stylish and be comfortable all day, short kurtis are the best choice, whether going to the office, on a casual trip, or to a party. 

At Bloom, we know how important it is to have clothes that fit your lifestyle. Our brand is all about the newest styles in ethnic and fusion clothing. Our collection offers everything, whether you want an anarkali kurti or a kurta set. We are proud to provide high-quality fabrics, beautiful designs, and flawless work so that you look great on every occasion and feel good about yourself. 

Take the chance to improve your style with our modern short kurtis design collection. Explore our range today to find the perfect short kurti for women that fits your style and tastes. Bring your style up a notch with Bloom, where comfort and beauty meet.

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Styles for Every Occasion – Short Kurti for Women

Explore the versatility and style of short kurti for girls at Bloom. We offer a wide range of designs to suit any occasion, whether you prefer classic or trendy looks. Our collection includes options for casual outings and formal events, ensuring there’s a perfect short kurta for everyone. Discover occasion-specific, modern, and stylish short kurti designs that will elevate your style for any moment.

Casual Kurtis:

Our comfy daily wear kurtis are made just right for everyday comfort. They come in simple designs and colors, perfect for hanging out with friends, going shopping, or doing relaxed stuff. You can easily style them with jeans, leggings, or shorts for a casual and stylish look. These kurtis are great for any casual outing, keeping you looking cool and feeling comfy all day long.

Party Kurtis:

If you’re going to a semi-formal or casual party, our party short kurtis for women are a great option. They’re decorated with sequins, fancy designs, and detailed needlework, adding some glamour to your outfit. You can wear them with traditional bottoms like Palazzo pants or go for a more modern look with skirts. Our party short kurtis are stylish and comfy, perfect for your festive events.

Festive Kurtis:

Get ready to celebrate festivals in a fashionable way with our special short kurtas. These kurtas come in vibrant colors and traditional designs, often decorated with embroidery or mirror work. They’re great for cultural festivals, family gatherings, and other special occasions, keeping you stylish and festive.

Office Kurtis:

Our short office kurtas strike a great balance between looking professional and feeling comfortable. They’re designed with simple shapes and clean lines, perfect for the workplace. You can wear them with straight-cut pants or churidars for a neat and polished appearance. With our office short kurtas, you can feel confident and stylish at work.

Wedding Kurtis:

Stand out at weddings with our short kurtas for weddings. They’re made from fancy materials like silk, rayon, and chiffon, giving them a classy and elegant look. They have detailed embroidery, sequins, and beads that make them extra special. Wear them to look your best and make a lasting impression at weddings.

Bloom Redefines Luxury in Short Kurtis for Women

At Bloom, we prioritize quality above everything else. We use top-notch materials to craft our short kurti tops, showing our dedication to excellence. Creating each kurta to be both stylish and durable requires significant effort. Our short kurti for women are crafted from silk, cotton, rayon, and other premium materials, ensuring they last long and exude elegance.


Our short cotton kurtis for women are made from top-quality cotton, which is great because it’s soft, breathable, and comfy all year round. They’re perfect for casual or slightly fancy occasions, offering both style and comfort.


Experience luxury with our rayon kurti for women. They feel smooth and drape elegantly, adding style to any occasion. Our kurtas are both comfortable and fancy, perfect for special events or everyday wear.


Our silk short kurti for women are super luxurious, with a fancy texture and shiny look. They’re great for making any event feel fancier and more stylish. Whether it’s a wedding, a party, or a formal gathering, wearing our silk kurtis will make you look extra special. They’re made with lots of care and always look classy and timeless.

Types of Colors Provided in Short Kurti for Women – Bloom

At Bloom, we understand that colors are important for expressing yourself. That’s why our short kurti for women come in many different colors. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or gentle and calm tones, we have options to match your style. You can choose the color that best suits you from our wide selection.


A black short kurta for women is a classic and flexible option. It looks elegant and goes well with many colors and accessories. You can wear it for different events, either making it fancy or keeping it casual. Black always adds a touch of style to your outfit.


White short kurtis for women are timeless and simple to put on. A white kurta for women is perfect for staying cool and fresh in hot weather. Pair them with colorful bottoms or accessories to add a stylish touch that will always be fashionable.


Red is a bold and energetic color that symbolizes passion and vitality. Short red kurtis are eye-catching and perfect for special occasions like celebrations and festivals. Wearing red allows you to express your vibrant and lively personality.|


We have green kurtis in different shades. Green represents growth, nature, and freshness. You can choose from light to dark greens to match your style and the occasion. Add a touch of nature’s beauty to your wardrobe by selecting your favorite shade.


Wearing a blue short kurti can help you feel relaxed and peaceful. Blue comes in lots of different shades, like light sky blue or dark navy. Blue kurtis can make you look classy and calm at the same time. They’re great for casual or semi-formal occasions.


Pink short kurtis are often seen as cute and feminine. They can add a cheerful touch to your wardrobe with their different shades, from light pastels to vibrant hues. Wearing a pink kurti can make your outfit more lively and fun.

Styling Tips for Short Kurti For Women

Pair with High-Waisted Bottoms: 

Short kurtis look good with high-waisted bottoms like jeans, pants, wide-leg trousers, or skirts. These bottoms help balance the short length of the kurti and make your shape look nice.|

Selecting the perfect fit:

It’s essential to find a short kurti that fits just right. Avoid extremes like overly loose or tight-fitting styles, as they might not complement your look. Aim for a fit that comfortably hugs your body without feeling too restrictive.

Experiment with Layering:

You can try layering your short kurti with a different colored jacket, shrug, or long cardigan to make it look stylish. Mix and match different textures and lengths to create cool outfits.

Accessorize Wisely:

Adding accessories is important for making your outfit look better. If you’re wearing a short kurti, you can wear big earrings, bangles, or a bold necklace to make it look fancier. But don’t wear too many accessories because it might make your outfit look too busy.

Add a Belt:

Wear a nice belt around your waist to make your shape stand out and make your outfit look better. A belt not only looks good but also helps make your outfit look neat and tidy.

Experiment with Necklines:

Short kurtis come with different necklines like round, V-neck, boat, or collared. Try different ones to see which looks best on you. A V-neck can make you look taller, while a round neck gives a classic vibe.

Mix and Match Prints:

Mix and match different prints and patterns without being afraid. Combine a short kurti with bottoms that have matching or different prints to make a stylish outfit. Just make sure the prints go well together and don’t clash.

Footwear Matters:

Choosing the right shoes can complete your outfit. If you’re dressing casually, go for flats or sandals. If you’re dressing up, pick heels or wedges. Make sure your shoes match the style of your outfit.

Experiment with Drapes: 

You can wear short kurtis like dresses by wearing them with leggings or skinny jeans. Try different ways of draping them, like folding them in the front, to make your outfit more interesting.

Consider the Occasion: 

When you’re deciding how to style your short kurti, think about where you’re going. If it’s just a casual hangout, go for a simple and comfy look. But if it’s a special event or party, jazz it up with a fancy kurti and some eye-catching accessories for extra glamour.

Size Guide for Short Kurti:

When choosing the size for your short kurti, it’s important to refer to the brand’s specific size chart. Typically, you’ll want to measure your bust, waist, and hips to find the right fit. If you’re between sizes, it’s often best to go for the larger size for comfort.

Care Instructions for Short Kurti:

To keep your short kurti looking its best, follow these care instructions. Generally, hand washing or gentle machine washing in cold water is recommended to prevent shrinking or color fading. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach. When drying, lay flat or hang to air dry to maintain the shape. Iron on a low heat setting if needed, and store in a cool, dry place to avoid wrinkles.

Visit Bloom for Women’s Short Kurti Online!

Bloom has lots of trendy and modern short kurti designs for women. You can find the perfect mix of style and comfort easily. There are many options to choose from, so you’ll definitely find something you like. Shopping on our site is safe and easy, with secure payment methods. We also offer reliable shipping, so you’ll get your clothes quickly. Enjoy shopping stress-free at Bloom!

FAQs About Short Kurti for Women

What is a short Kurtis called?

A short Kurti is just called a “short Kurti” or “short-length Kurti.” It’s like a shorter version of the regular Indian top that stops above the knees.

Which type of Kurti is best for a short girl?

If you’re short, go for A-line or straight-cut short Kurtis. They make you look taller. Also, pick ones with vertical prints or designs to make you appear even taller.

How can I look taller in a short Kurti?

To look taller in a short Kurti, wear tight pants like leggings or skinny jeans. High-waisted pants can also make your legs look longer. And don’t forget to wear high heels or platform shoes for extra height.

What should I wear with a short Kurti?

You can wear short Kurtis in different ways depending on what you like and where you’re going. You can wear them with leggings, jeggings, palazzos, jeans or skirts. Add some cool jewelry, a matching scarf, or a stylish bag to finish off your outfit.

What is your Return & Exchange Policy?

If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return or exchange it within 7 days. Check our return & exchange policy page for details.

What is your Shipping Policy?

We want to get your order to you fast. You can choose regular or faster shipping when you check out. We’ll give you an estimate of when your order will arrive. You can find more info on our shipping policy page.

Is Cash on Delivery (COD) available?

Yes, we offer Cash on Delivery (COD) services across India, allowing you to pay for your Short Kurti upon delivery for added convenience.

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